Rooted in more than 50 years of research and development…

we are proud to be headquartered in St. Louis with research and development, and affiliate offices in New York, Princeton, and Tel Aviv.

Backed by an impressive set of investors and strategic partners, our senior management and advisors bring significant experience to the company across a wide variety of disciplines, including product development, entrepreneurial leadership, talent acquisition, and academic research.


Michael Novack

Founder and CEO

Doris Lyons

Chief Operating Officer

Brett Fox

Vice President, Sales

Lina Wallace

Director, Client Success

Tami Horn

Talify Client Success

Ben Russ

HireTrue Client Success

Kyle Miller

Product Architecture

Tyler Robert

Product Architecture

Ivan Perepelytsya

Product Architecture

Sergei Struk

Product Development

Harold Weinstein

Research Strategy

Gideon Naftali

Research Strategy

Franklin Zaromb

Data Science


Bill Anderson

Board Member

Ann Beatty

Board Member

David Elfasi

Board Member

Matt Herzberg

Board Member

Michael Lowenbaum

Board Member

Jack Oliver

Board Member

Ted Price

Board Member

Dan Reiss

Board Member

Ron Rubin

Board Member

Jon Staenberg

Board Member